Precious Brazil

Precious Brazil

The sectoral project aims to support and promote Brazilian companies in the Brazilian stone, jewelry and jewelry segments that want to export their products, be they beginners, exporters or internationalized. Conducted by IBGM - Brazilian Institute of Gemstones and Precious Metals - in partnership with Apex-Brasil - Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments - the project currently serves about 181 companies in the Sector.

With a 2-year term and managed by a Steering Committee composed of representatives of various segments, Precious Brazil has capillarity in 11 Brazilian states and operates in the following target markets: United States, China / Hong Kong, Germany, Chile and Colombia.

Its management model is participatory. Although executed by IBGM, the definition of markets and strategic actions is carried out by the Steering Committee, which meets to verify the achievement of the goals, the consistency with the guidelines of the entities involved and to proceed with any adjustments to the Project.

Those interested in joining Precious Brazil undergo a segmentation diagnosis and begin their journey from their export maturity, so the portfolio of services includes from access to the Export Guide to the development of customized promotional actions of the brand.

If you are a participating company but would like to act more in decision making, making up the Steering Committee, visit:

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