From May 30 to June 3 (Friday to Monday), two major jewelery and gemstone trade shows will be held simultaneously at the Sands Expo & The Venetian in Las Vegas (USA) and will feature with the presence of 19 Brazilian brands supported by Precious Brazil. The sectoral project, born from the partnership between the Brazilian Institute of Gemstones and Precious Metals (IBGM) and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), aims to leverage the exports of Brazilian companies in the sector.

One of the most iconic fairs in North America, JCK Las Vegas presents a mix of suppliers and products for marketers to gain access to the latest in the market. Brazilian brands will be divided into three distinct areas of the pavilion. Belmont Emeralds, Ben Sabbagh Bros, BCG Brasil Gem Commerce, Duarte & Bastos, Gembras, JS Gems, Manoel Bernardes, Ramos & Campos, Peter Valicek Gems, Seven Fine Gems and Tavares Gems present their latest gemstone stains at Global Gemstone Pavilion – ICA. At JCK Bridge are jewelry and veneer brands, represented by Amarjon Biojoias, Creative Brazil, Debora Ioschpe Joias and Maria Dolores. Gold and silver jewelry companies, Julio Okubo, Laut Jewels and Vianna, occupy the JCK Design Center.

The American market is a major consumer of stones, jewelry and veneers. According to IBGM, from January to April 2019, US $ 38.5 million in products were exported to the US, which represents a 9% growth when compared to the same period of 2018. Gems remain the most exported product. , whether they’re geared toward jewelry or home decor. Brazilian jewelry also gained market in this period, with a 15% increase over the previous year. The numbers reflect the importance of the country for the sector and so, in parallel with JCK, will be held the JIS Exchange with the participation of national veneer brands: MGold and Sai Brazil.

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Debora Ioschpe Jewelry

Designer Débora Ioschpe mixes art, delicacy and boldness to create pieces with their own unique meaning. Through them, the designer expresses her feelings in the face of important moments and phases of her life. This is the case of the Humanity collection, which highlights capsule and pill-shaped jewelry, a reference to the increasingly common use of medicines, vitamins, relaxants and painkillers. “Our jewelry has been increasingly accepted abroad, especially in the North American market. JCK in Las Vegas is a great showcase for bringing the US audience closer together. There, our brand is perceived differently, the craft work has a strong appeal, even more allied to the playful, the daily life and without giving up art, design and top quality material ”, says Débora.

Duarte & Bastos

Founded in 1989 in Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, Duarte & Bastos is one of the most respected gem trading companies. Bet on quality control, which goes from the extraction to the classification of cut stones.


Combining quality, technology and modern design, MGold has been in the semi-jewelry market for over 20 years with all 18k gold plated products. In its products, using the latest in technology of noble metals.

Branches & Fields

For over 30 years in the market, Ramos & Campos is a family business that works with colored gemstones. In Las Vegas presents the stones: Tourmaline Paraiba, Tourmaline, Rubella, Aquamarine, Imperial Topaz and Morganite. “With the support of Precious Brazil we gained more strength and competitiveness in the international market,” says Fernando Campos.

Seven Fine Gems

Born from the merger of the Neves family companies: Nevesgems and Nevestones, Seven Fines Gems specializes in already mined rubella and tourmaline. It is located in the city of Governador Valadares (MG), important gemological center of the country. “For us in the gemstone market it is essential to always have new gemstones. Our customers are expecting news as we are known worldwide for the quality, variety, quantity and continuous supply of our gemstones, ”says Douglas Neves.