Precious Brazil, a sectoral project created by IBGM – Brazilian Institute of Gems and Precious Metals in partnership with ApexBrasil – Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, took 8 buyers to the 76th edition of Feninjer (National Jewelry, Watch and Related Fair). In this edition of the event, 22 foreign buyers from Latin America and the United States attended the event.

Shopkeepers from these countries, considered the focus of the project, had the opportunity to revisit or access, for the first time, Brazilian jewelry and gem companies at the fair that took place in São Paulo.

Precious Brazil guests participated in a supplier-buyer integration event with gemstone and jewelry brands associated with the project. On the occasion, in a relaxed atmosphere, visitors were also welcomed with a typical Brazilian dinner and were able to present their business and highlight the differentials perceived in Brazilian jewelry. Design, trust, Brazilian gems and cultural affinities were highlighted as the main attributes of Brazil.

This edition of the event also had the presence of Clara dos Santos, manager of ApexBrasil, who accompanied by Precious Brazil analyst, Carolina Lucena, has been contacting the brands supported by the project to identify ways to advance in providing increasingly better services.

About Precious Brazil

The Sectorial Project aims to support and promote Brazilian companies in the Brazilian stone, jewelry and jewelry segments that want to export their products, whether they are beginners, exporters or internationalized ones. Conducted by IBGM – Brazilian Institute of Gems and Precious Metals in partnership with Apex-Brasil – Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency – the project currently serves around 150 companies in the sector.